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These days smart gadgets are everywhere in our society ranging from cars, watches, phones, and even television sets. All of these gadgets have changed the way we live and have improved our lives in the last decade. We use these machines to find locations easier, save money, and even keep track of our health. While they can help track our health, they can’t automatically remind us of good habits that improve our health. This is where another form of technology comes in to help called the Opter.

Opter generated from the minds of Five Co-Founders with scientific backgrounds. Each founder desired to innovate a product that could improve human health. Opter can be worn as a necklace or as a clip on; when it’s connected to a phone it can track various movements as well as the environment to improve habits. For example, Opter can detect slouching and vibrates until the user sits up properly to improve posture. This is something that is very useful for improving health due to the fact that poor sitting posture is connected with neck and upper back pain. The Opter device also reminds the user daily when to move in order to make sure he or she is receiving the right amount of exercise every day. This is also important for improving health because over 80% of Americans don’t exercise enough. Another interesting feature of Opter is preventing premature skin aging and cancer.

Opter can sense UVA and UVB levels to help prevent overexposure, one thing most people don’t realize is that the leading cause of wrinkles. But that’s not even the worst part of overexposure; it’s also the leading cause of skin cancer. Opter not only slows down aging by detecting UVA and UVB exposure, it can potentially save lives. On top of that, it is also extremely eco-friendly due to being made with all natural bamboo and is waterproof so you can even shower with it!

Also, the company believes in the basic concept of mindfulness, privacy and transparency. The direction of mindfulness comes from the fact that the company will refuse to do anything unethical for profits, so they will always be good for the environment. Meanwhile, when it comes to privacy, the gadget itself won’t drain a phone’s data; the user’s phone data won’t run out or be exposed. To top it all off, their transparency means that they will always listen to what their users have in mind, which can lead to new devices or upgrades in the future. Overall, the Opter has a very high potential to improve the health and wellbeing of many, and there could be more devices like this in the future.

Opter is launching on Kickstarter today! Check it out.


Catherine DeGroot

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