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Most technology has managed to improve the everyday lives of people across the world. At the same time, modern technology has helped people who have lost their sense of hearing and sight live more independently. The visually impaired may have a difficult time navigating without equipment for their needs, but there are still tasks that technology can help with.  However, one new solution was created: Aira.


What is the story behind it?

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Aira originally started as an idea in 2014 when entrepreneurs Suman Kanuganti and Yuja Chang met blind Communications Professional, Matt Brock. And by looking at the technology behind Google Glass, they were inspired to create a device that could work to improve the lives of both the blind and visually impaired. As a result, the Aira glasses were made to work like a service that could help these people with their navigation and daily tasks, allowing them to live a more independent life.


What is it?

(c) Aira

Rather than just sensing the environment, Aria acts like an extra set of eyes that can help the user do tasks that most devices can’t do. This includes sorting medication and mail, being able to find a seat number, look at websites, and many other activities that make their lives easier.


How does it work?



Even though Aira is an advanced device, it is very user-friendly. The first step is to subscribe to the website and download their special app, and within a few days the glasses will be sent to the subscriber. Once the glasses are activated, a specially trained agent will instruct the user on how to operate everything else. From then on, the agent connects with the Aira owner and guides them through their daily routine. In fact, it works so well that even celebrity chef, Christine Ha has been using it.




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