Natural Fiber Clothing for Eco-Friendly Fashion

As the trend of sustainable clothing continues, more and more brands are offering different ways to give back to people, or simply ensure consumers that their clothing is sustainable for the planet. One means of sustainable fashion includes clothing that is made from natural fibers as opposed to synthetic ones. While there are natural fibers mixed into synthetic ones on the general market, it is rare to find clothing that is made of 100% natural fibers. With brands such as FADA and 1X1, it is now easier to find.

FADA clothing is a recent brand that truly delivers on offering clothes made with natural fibers. Founded by Irish Fashion Designer, Sinead, in 2007, under the name EssenC, the brand used luxury merino wool to make various clothing and accessories for cold weather. SInce then they have moved to Canada and have started to make clothing with cotton and linen for their spring and summer lines. But no matter the season FADA has something for everyone to wear. Since the weather is getting colder, this Large Ladder wrap made with lambs wool, is great for both looking good and keeping warm. But if you’re living in a warmer climate, the Bow Headband is perfect with it’s lightweight single layer knit. Also, if you want a simple practical dress, the Batwing Dress will be great to wear any time of the year.

FADA Clothing Facebook: “Hand-sewing wooden buttons onto our linen tunic with contrasting thread. SS17.”

If you prefer to shop for more modern clothing, look no further.  1×1, developed in Los Angeles, California, commits to using sustainably produced fabrics for their clothes while creating the modern look you’ll love. In fact, 1×1’s sustainability efforts go all the way to using fabrics that are made with sustainably-sourced wool and biodegradable tencel (which comes from eucalyptus tree pulp and is sustainably harvested, of course).  Not to mention their latest clothing collection is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. If you want a great skirt to wear for a casual look, their Belted Skirt comes in three different colors to match any top. For colder days, try their Diagonal Stitch Crewneck sweater that’s not only cute, but will be great for the winter. However, if you want something that can be worn at work, this Sleeveless Hidden Button Up looks great under a suit and can be worn on it’s own for a casual appearance. No matter the brand you chose, both provide fashion and save the planet one look at a time.



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