One of the #Smartest Bags We’ve Seen

This company is about empowering women in their everyday lives, and what better way to do so than through a handbag? Bags and purses are essential, whether it’s for work, going to the store, or shopping with friends. MINOIS has created the ultimate smart bag.

MINOIS – Simone Tertoolen

Simone Tertoolen, designer and founder of MINOIS, learned the “design profession” while in Paris and the Netherlands. While there she learned that having an amazing design doesn’t always make compromises, but rather that every detail needs to match the designer’s purpose. After countless trial and errors, Tertoolen finally designed a bag “that looks beautiful and majestic” (MINOIS). We’re all raving about it”  

MINOIS – Simone Tertoolen

Ladies, are you tired of it taking you 5 minutes to find your keys, favorite lipstick, or pen? The MINOIS purse has a built-in light, so something as simple as this, isn’t something to worry about ever again! There’s also a built-in charger for your phone, the wearer can charge their phone, look fashionable, and complete everything on their to-do list. With a high-end battery that lasts a week, these tasks will be a piece of cake.

MINOIS – Simone Tertoolen

Across the body, over the shoulder, or over the arm, this bag was created with a single strap, ensuring that every wearer will look and feel their best while looking stylish. “A single handle instead of two also makes it easier to get in and out of the bag while carrying it” (Details)!  Tertoolen knows that traveling and adventures are always exciting, so she made sure these bags are durable wherever they go. Created with Italian leather, even the most active lifestyles can rock her design.

MINOIS – Simone Tertoolen

Simone Tertoolen created a bag that does more than just carry items. With a built-in light and charger that has a battery that can last up to a week, this bag is definitely #SMART.


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