Livia: The Off Button for Periods

One monthly obstacle that females deal with, are period cramps. Each month we go through the hardship of cramps and do whatever it takes to stop the pain. Whether it’s Ibuprofen, hot baths, heating pads, going to the gym, screaming in pain, rocking back and forth in fetal position, or laying on the ground waiting for your uterus to explode; for some people it never fully eliminates the pain, it just reduces it. This is where we can thank engineers for a gadget that eliminates period cramps: Livia.

Livia started as an idea in 2015 by Chen Nachum and his father Dr. Ziv Nachum as a way for women to have more comfortable periods. By 2016, Livia was pitched on the tech-enthusiast website, Indiegogo, and went viral earning over $1.7 million profit. In order to create a functioning device, Livia was engineered to work with the nervous system of the body. By sending electric pulses through the body, Livia interrupts pain signals to the brain to stop cramp discomfort almost instantly. Two wires are connected to the Livia device with sticky pads at the end that stick to the area on the abdomen that feels pain. The concept is similar to an AED defibrillator for the heart. What’s really great about it, is that the body can’t build a up a tolerance to it and it is very simple to use.

How to use Livia:

  • Clip Livia device to waist band
  • Stick pads onto abdomen
  • Turn on Livia device
  • Feel relief & continue the day!

And for busy women, there’s no need to worry about it wearing off, after one charge it can last for up to 15 hours. One feature that will definitely help are the power levels on the appliance which can be increased or decreased. This is incredibly handy since not all cramps are the same. In addition, Livia is compact and can be worn discreetly, which is great for days out or for work. Livia is very innovative when it comes to managing period pain. As this products helps relieve people of their cramps, it could potentially lead to an expansion for pain-management in the future.


Catherine DeGroot

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