Groundbreaking Cosmetic Brands of 2018

As a New Year is now with us, we begin to see a shift in the fashion season. New designers come to the runway, new styles make the magazines, and of course a new year of cosmetic trends. However, one trend that will never go out of style in the world of cosmetics is the concept of all natural and cruelty free makeup. We’ve seen many makeup brands follow this trend such as Tarte and Lush, and it’s only going to continue.


Lanolips – 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

With the winter season creating dry air, there’s no doubt that keeping skin hydrated is a priority for many. One company that has managed to create skincare using natural ingredients is Lanolips, founded by Kirsten Carriol, in Australia. Carriol got the idea for her brand when she had no lip balm on a plane trip and remembered (due to growing up on a sheep farm) that sheep’s lanolin is a moisturizer for human skin; as a result, the company was born.  Lanolips currently sells various products that are great for the skin such as ointments, lip balm, hand cream, and body lotion. We love that lanolin itself comes from the sheep’s wool, making it 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. On top of that, lanolin has been scientifically proven to mimic the molecular structure of human skin, so it is completely safe for nearly every skin type.

Sheree Cosmetics

Sheree Cosmetics – Liquid Lipstick

Makeup enthusiasts love to purchase quality makeup and not spend the pretty penny. Sheree Cosmetics is their perfect match. Founded by makeup lover and artist, Tiffany Sheree Hudson Herrmann, Harrmann had a vision for an affordable cruelty free, all natural, paraben free, and high quality makeup line. After many months of hard work, Herrmann managed to launch her brand with her ethical ideas in mind. But what we love about Sheree are the false eyelashes. Not only are they cruelty free, but they are created with 3D silk to ensure that they are light and comfortable on the eyes. Not to mention they come in several great designs that will go well with any dramatic look. In addition, their collection of liquid lipsticks come in a variety of amazing colorful shades at a good price for anyone on a budget. Regardless if it is skin care or cosmetics, both of these brands are suitable for just about any upcoming trend for the new year.

Sheree Cosmetics – Lashes


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