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Across the world, people enjoy traveling to different countries or going out to have fun at local events. Yet one major setback to this activity is keeping personal items safe from robbers. Some solutions right now are decoy wallets, and clothes with secret pockets. More recently, new technology has led to the anti-theft backpack and briefcase, Skarabeos.

(c) Skarabeos

What’s the story?

Inventor and CEO, Wolfgang Langeder came up with the concept for Skarabeos due to frequent travels with his colleagues. During these trips, he always worried about keeping his valuables safe from pickpockets. To solve this, Langeder created bags to protect his possessions called Skarabeos. Both the name and concept were inspired by scarab beetles, an Ancient Egyptian symbol of protection.

(C) Skarabeos

What is it?

Unlike conventional anti-theft methods, Skarabeos combines modern tech and accessories to prevent anything from being stolen. The bags are designed to look like a backpack or briefcase so it is suitable for travel, school campuses, or the office. However, it comes with a variety of enhancements that truly make it useful for any setting. Some of our favorite features include the fact that it’s made of durable nylon and that it has built-in Bluetooth to work with its unique security system.

(c) Skarabeos


How does it work?

What we really love about the Skarabeos is how user-friendly it is. By using its Bluetooth system, the bag connects to a special phone app that warns every holder if there’s a thief. Once a robber tries to steal the bag, the app’s alarm instantly sounds to alert the owner. The system also includes an enhanced distance alert that tells the user if their bag has been left behind. This makes Skarabeos very useful for people who tend to forget their bags and can help people keep their items safe wherever they go.     

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