Holy Undies! How Technology is Innovating the Intimate Apparel Industry

A girl can never have too many bras, underwear, or even lingerie. We spend hundreds of dollars on these overpriced products but we’re dying to have them because they make us look and feel our best. These featured brands are utilizing new technology to create intimate apparel that allows women to feel amazing under their clothes!

Negative Underwear


Negative is run by women, not men. After all, women are the consumers wearing these products. Negative’s minimalistic knows that women don’t need embellishments, extra padding, or decorations to make them feel their best.  

Do you have trouble finding the perfect bra size? Or do you happen to find yourself with different bra sizes depending on the store you purchased them?  Negative offers a “Size Me” option on their website to design a customized, tailored bra that will fit every client’s needs! With a client questionnaire, Negative’s “fit gurus” help hand-pick your personalized style and size, making sure you’re one step closer to that new favorite bra.


Once those fit gurus work their magic, choose from different bras that will all have you feeling confident and sexy whenever you wear them! The Essaouira Demi Bra comes in black, white, or peach, and is  made with Negative’s signature mesh material.  If lace and mesh is too much for a gal, the Sieve Demi Bra is a chic alternative!


Pair those sexy bras with undies! Negative has a collection of bottoms to match the most desirable bras. From the Essaouria Brief that gives a sexier jaw-dropping look, to the Sieve Brief, the perfect daily go-to pair.  

Negative is aware that their customers’ favorite looks sell out quick, so they created a page that allows customers to be the first to access the restocked items. From bras, to undies, to t’s , the “Worth the Wait” tab will have your wish list for the rest of the year!  



Peach is the empowering women’s clothing line designed to give women who have a passion for designing clothes the opportunity to pursue their wish. They know that starting a business is difficult and can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to start up. Peach presents ambitious entrepreneurs with tools and training, along with THRIVE (a personal development program), and ensures that each “stylist” will have a supportive team behind them to help every step of the way. Those looking to showcase their clothing and accessories? Every season Peach looks for two to three under-discovered, female-founded accessory brands.  These brands are determined on what accessories will fit best with Peach’s own line, and are particularly interested in brands that will make fantastic gifts. A national platform is provided to those lucky brands to allow for growth and exposure through Peach’s stylists, social-media, and website!  

Peach Stylists

Peach offers different style bras that clients are known to love. Choose from comfy bralettes that will give the perfect amount of sex appeal in any low-cut shirt, to wire-free bras that still allow for comfort, but also give a slight push-up. For those who like full coverage or that extra “umf” … Peach has a line for full & modified coverage bras that are still ever so sexy. The captivating demi bra adds support, coverage, and curb appeal.

Peach Intimates

Don’t forget to match those bras with panties!  Each style is sure to leave clients feeling confident and wanting more! The bikini and briefs are two classic styles clients love while the thong will look good under leggings and leaving your booty looking FABULOUS! Boy shorts are a must when lounging around the house and the hipster undies will still have clients feeling comfortable, but are definitely for those who prefer a higher rise waist line.

Peach is a wonderful conglomerate for all women who have a passion for fashion, allowing them to be one step closer reaching their dreams!

Nude Barre


Nude Barre is an eco-friendly hosiery brand that is sure to match any skin-tone-coming in twelve different shades of nude-and is durable for any active gal yet stylish for everyday fashion! Of course we don’t want to order the wrong shade, so for those who are thinking of placing a large order for groups, whether it be dance, theater, school, or personal use, be sure to purchase the full set of swatches-made of opaque tights material-before placing any order.  

Nude Barre – Medium

Nude Barre knows that everyone’s skin tone is different; that’s why on their website they have the “Your Nude” section to help!  Choose from fair, medium, or deep as a base for your skin and Nude Barre will list the swatch colors that are the best fit.  They also know that every beauty is a different ethnicity, sometimes more than one. So as a bonus to help, Nude Barre includes the ethnicities-like Caucasian, Asian, and Latino-to help further determine the perfect shade.

Once the perfect shade is determined,  choose from different styles such as fishnets and opaque tights that are available either footed or convertible! The fishnets allow for full coverage with a one- inch comfortable waist-band, while the Footed Opaque Tights also allow for full coverage and have quick dry wicking fibers.  Moms out there?  Don’t worry. Nude Barre also has a children’s line so they can look and feel good too!  Choose from the same twelve shades and styles, and these tights will be the perfect fit for any occasion.

Nude Barre – Fair

No more hassling and rummaging around in the store to find the shade that fits each independent woman. Nude Barre not only finds the perfect shade, but will have you questioning whether or not you’re wearing tights!

Impish Lee


Impish Lee designs bespoke intimates and lingerie that flatter all body shapes. With Impish Lee clients have the power to design personalized intimate apparel! The power is in the client; from custom fabrics and designs Impish Lee solves the problem of intimate apparel being too tight, too loose, or too itchy.

Impish Lee

From curvy, to skinny, to petite, to tall, shopping for the right undergarment can be a hassle. Impish Lee knows that every woman’s body is built differently. Created by sisters, Noelle Lee Ventresca and Kali Taylor Vantresca, Impish Lee “…believes that since [their] customers know themselves better than we do, it is imperative to include them in the design process” (Noelle, Impish Lee). Every pattern is made with customizable elements, allowing women to create one-of-a-kind looks that are 100% comfortable!

Through Impish Lee customers have the ability to design intimates, and with 4 easy steps, watch their unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces come to life!  

First: Choose Your Design

Second: Choose Your Lining

Third: Choose Your Fabrics

Fourth: Choose Your Finishes

After the design is completed, Impish Lee gathers the materials needed to create the customer’s masterpiece. The patterns are cut with the fabric(s) by hand, sewn together, and optional bra straps, garters, or loungewear are included. Each client is guaranteed maximum support and resilience. Finally, the one-of-a-kind design is wrapped by hand and shipped to the customer’s door!

However, if the client is not in the designing mood or simply wants to look at previous intimates sold by Impish Lee, check out their seasonal collections throughout the years!


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