Holition: Transformation of Retail Industry

Technology and fashion are constantly updating in their separate industries; but, not anymore. Introducing Holition, the award-winning agency, disperses the gap between unique digital encounters and the convergence of technology and retail. Holition created an augmented retail solution which allows customers to try on and try out products virtually.

Holition innovates the brands clients love, such as L’OREAL, The North Face, NAUTICA, Louis Vuitton, and VANS.  FACE by Holition is a virtual makeup experience for clients to use conveniently on their phone. This not only saves them a trip to the store, but they can try on their favorite and new cosmetics such as various eyeshadows, lipsticks, and eyeliners. Users have the ability to view different shades, textures, and the latest colors, too! Clients simply download the app on their smartphone or tablet, and can then spend the day giving themselves a makeover, no mirror required! Every smartphone or tablet acts as a mirror, making it easier to try on products. No uploading a photo and having the results look completely different in person. FACE allows clients to try on makeup while choosing different angles of their face in different lighting. This gives the effect that they’re actually wearing those products. Customers can scan a product in a store and FACE allows the client to try on the product virtually. Also, if a user sees a photo in a magazine of makeup they like, they and take a picture of it and it will appear on their face when using the FACE app. In other words, it’s the real deal!

FACE by Holition

VANS, the stylish yet comfortable, skater shoe that completes any outfit. Holition’s astonishing technology created the first ever in-store Virtual Footwear for VANS. This one-of-a-kind technology allows clients to try on shoes virtually without the hassle of putting them on. By standing on footprints marked on a mat and using an iPad to choose the color and style of VANS, customers find their perfect pair!

VANS Virtual Footwear

Fashion and makeup aren’t the only brands that use Holition. In fact, Holition is innovating the car industry starting with the BMW 7 Series. BMW collaborated with Holition to research ways art and science can be experimentally installed into the car’s design. In Munich, Holition technology was used to show guests how the 7 Series was created, and in this story, visual sequences display how the process evolved from design inception to manufacture. Holition’s ability to successfully apply project mapping of cars, effectively brought the new BMW 7 Series to life. No other car company has been able to do this, yet.

BMW 7 Series

Holition’s customized face-tracking technology allows clients to have the ability to design a supplemented reality experience that is interactive. The face-tracking technology was inspired by the futuristic material elements and curves of the BMW 7 Series. After depth cameras tracks the surface dimensions of a face, a virtual layer of information is then applied, creating a “new” visual reality.

Holition’s advanced technology is increasingly being used by fashion, cosmetic, and automobile brands, and is bringing the gap between fashion and technology together faster than we think.


Tessa Schaal

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