Halo: Train with Neuroscience

One of the things that a lot of people do in their lives is train in various activities. Some of us like to be athletes and workout, while others like to practice on musical instruments. For some people they can train for long periods of time but they don’t see any significant improvement. This is where the Halo headphones can improve any kind of training through the use of neuroscience.

Firstly, Halo is incredibly stylish in its design. With a sleek black band and comfortable speakers, it can be used almost anywhere. But what truly separates its design from other headphones is the primers. Halo is designed with primers that are soft and can be added or removed to work with the technology it was built with to improve performances. Even though. Halo may look like a pair of high tech headphones, its true function comes from its engineering.

The makers behind it have worked on its technology to ensure it works with the brain’s motor cortex,  main area of the brain that controls muscle movement and allows us to function.  During training the motor cortex signals improve over time as it works with the brain’s plasticity, improving muscle performance and precision over time as people practice.

Halo was engineered to improve plasticity for better performance improvement. Through the use of Halo, it’s technology uses electronic waves to create hyperplasticity, which will create better results for almost any kind of training, from athletic practice to music routines. What we really love about it is that Halo is incredibly easy to use. By connecting Halo to its app, anyone can select their workout or training routine of their choice and install the primers they need. As a bonus, for those who want more challenging workouts, the intensity of the product can be increased through the app. Halo is truly an innovative gadget that is revolutionizing movement through well researched science. It is fascinating how connections throughout our brains increases our physical performances in the long run and this is supported by Halo technology.


Catherine DeGroot

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