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A big challenge to obtaining a healthy lifestyle is sticking to a proper sleep schedule. For many of us, conditions such as insomnia prevents us from falling asleep at a proper time. For people who travel, sometimes the problem is harder due to jet lag. While there are tips and tricks to help with these issues, they don’t work for everyone. Yet with new wearable technology on the market such as smart glasses, one set can provide a solution, AYO.


What is it?


AYO may seem like any wearable device, but it helps people enhance their personal energy, overcome jet lag, and improve their moods. This is done with a unique tech known as light therapy. AYO’s light therapy brings together the scientific characteristics of circadian rhythm, chronobiology, and blue light. All of these factors can affect stamina and internal sleep clocks. This is truly innovative since most solutions will usually aid with only one. AYO also comes with sensors that can track progress and modifies its settings to each individual’s needs.


How does it work?


What we love about AYO is that anybody can use it easily despite its advanced properties. To use it, AYO connects to the company’s special phone app that can adjust the device to the user’s specific needs. Meanwhile, the built-in light therapy works by using an irradiance of 300 μWatt /m2 to stimulate the body’s cells and activate signals in the brain to readjust the body’s internal clock. This makes AYO a piece of tech that is truly useful for people who are always busy, frequent travelers, or just want to improve their health.

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