#SuperWomen Empowering Lives Through Fashion

It’s an important topic of conversation trending in 2017: nearly all businesses are still dominated by men. Even the fashion industry, despite being marketed mostly towards women, is a man’s world with women being viewed simply as fashion consumers. This is why we’re stoked to be writing a moving piece and highlighting amazing women who are taking initiatives that may not get the attention they rightfully deserve. These badass ladies have created some transforming brands you need to know about.

Purple Impression

A brand that is truly helping preserve traditions and changing lives in Pakistan: Purple Impression.  What’s great about this line is that it sells a variety of garments such as scarves, shirts, and tunic dresses made with eco-friendly fabrics. Also, the company partakes in these astounding practices to help women in terms of preserving culture and creating stable employment. While the founders lived in Pakistan, they noticed that one tradition being lost to conventional fashion was traditional Pakistani hand stitching. What’s even worse is that they saw how a majority of women would spend their money on children, food, and healthcare. In response to both problems, Purple Impression created the Ethical Stitch project to preserve the tradition of hand sewing and to open opportunities to better employment for women to improve their lives.

Adventure Standard

I Like My Coffee in Tents

Whether you’re an adventurous woman who lives a daring life or are a woman who simply partakes in activities that you love,  Adventure Standard is here to help. Aiming to build strong communities as women of leadership, Adventure Standard extends opportunities for women to sell products that are exclusively created and designed in United States. Products include mugs, lip butter, tasty treats, and a monthly subscription for gift boxes that feature encouraging phrases. All profits earned go to helping women who aim to be  adventurous, build communities, or just express themselves through their own free will.

Wandering Bison Candle

Adolfo Sanchez

Alfi Marr Skirt

Speaking of expressive, the luxury brand Adolfo Sanchez is designed specifically for women with more artistic styles. Founded in 2006 by the designer of the same name, Sanchez started his brand with art, music, people and his environment as inspiration. With bold and beautiful clothing, this brand is like no other.  For those who love artistic tastes and perhaps and avante garde look,the Nero Volani is the way to go.  Or the bold yet elegant Afli Marr skirt is great for a night at the club or a casual outing. No matter the piece a woman chooses, Sanchez ensures that each client is expressed in her own unique, creative way.

Nero Volani Jacket



Despite most of these brands, different body shapes is something that the fashion industry sometimes forgets. From petite to curvy, it’s hard to find the perfect fit. FIT+ FLATTER aims to fix that problem. The company believes that all women should be represented in the fashion industry no matter what body type they are. Their website works with various women and clothing brands aiming to find clothes that suit different body shapes. By narrowing down any individual’s shape, women can find real reviews in order to pick the clothing brand that will fit them best. No more wasting time looking for stores or wasting money on clothes that don’t fit. All of these brands are truly creating tactics to help women break boundaries in a male dominated industry.



Catherine DeGroot

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