DV Closet, Your Personal Fashion Consultant

Let’s face it: personal fashion consulting is an expensive service, especially on a day-to-day basis. Not everyone can afford the luxury of asking an on-call professional for advice for what to wear and how to own it. This is not to say we at TechStyle NYC believe that consultants aren’t valued (quite the opposite in fact; we rely on them too), but there is also value in being able to conveniently access the collective knowledge of many industry specialists at one time and at your fingertips. “What are we getting at? Where is this going”, you might be thinking. Well, the answer should be obvious what with words like “convenient” and “accessible”: we’re talking about a mobile app. DV Closet is the answer to a frugal yet stylish lifestyle for the working woman. They consider themselves to be “everyone’s private stylist”, which couldn’t be more true as it is an app you can download free of charge. Not limiting itself to being just a consulting app, DV Closet 

provides its users with other functions like a platform for brands and even other private consultants to expand their spheres of influence, while employing their own team of stylists to manage the app and dish out nuggets of wisdom to those seeking fashion inquiries. Coupled with a user interface that is easy to understand (and they’re courteous enough to provide a guide to it on their home site too), DV Closet attracts just about anyone with an interest in fashion, from regular people in need of fashion advice to the most adamant of professionals willing to provide it. In a digital market where mobile apps make services more readily attainable, apps like DV Closet are exactly what we at TechStyle NYC want more out of digital creatives: good fashion advice that is easy to access, always available and most importantly, available to all people.

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