Dress Code Tech: Getting Girls in STEM

recent years, people expected that more women would be in STEM; except the opposite has happened. In the past ten years the amount of women participating in some STEM majors have remained stagnant, while other majors such as computer science has declined. To help with this issue, several independent companies have created STEM toys and kits for little girls to get them interested in the subject at an early age. However, this can only last for so long since most girls will lose their interest in STEM subjects by age 15. In response, one company has combined STEM and fashion to empower young women’s interests: Dress Code Tech.

Dress Code Tech saw that girls were constantly taught by society that computer science is nerdy, boring, and hard. As part of their mission, the company aims to break down the stigma between computer science and fashion. To carry out their mission, Dress Code Tech has made a line of bracelets that contain positive words written in binary code. With each bracelet sold there is a way for each user to learn computer coding at home. Each binary code on the bracelet can be entered into their website, offer the user a unique ID, and offer lessons.

As a bonus, all of the bracelets are truly fashionable for just about any outfit.  For example, this I am Brave bracelet comes in a simple design, yet has a lovely gold-silver and rose-gold color that adds a gold touch. Meanwhile, the premium bracelet is completely hand crafted and goes great with many other accessories. As a bonus, the company has even partnered with the charity, Wonder Woman Tech, to launch an I am equal bracelet which donates 5 dollars to the organization. Regardless, each bracelet can help empower the lives of many young women and help them raise their interests in STEM.

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