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President of Digitsole, Karim Oumnia, became inspired through a hunting trip with a French company.  It was in the middle of March, which meant the weather was extremely chilly. Not even 5 minutes into the trip, Omnia’s feet became freezing and that’s when he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a heated shoe simply controlled with a remote.  A few weeks after he returned from his hunting trip, Oumnia invented a sole that ran on batteries, and since 2006, what started as a small invention, became a large success, and Digitsole was born!

Warm up with this! In 2015, the first connected insoles were launched: the Warm Series, and is available in over thirty countries! In January 2016, the Smartshoe was finally introduced.  This first-generation Smartshoe became the biggest buzz at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) International in Las Vegas.  

The Warm Series is a must have for winter. Arch-Support, Flex-Zone, and X-torsion ensure extra comfort and to keep your feet toasty. Connect the heated insole to a smartphone, set a desired temperature, and your feet will stay warm all day long. Those who are into fitness?  The Warm Series tracks the wearer’s steps, calories burned, and distance walked, all on your phone!

Stay up to speed with the Run Profiler. More accurate than a fitness smartwatch or wristband, the Run Profiler uses 3D technology to analyze sports performance!  Like the Warm Series, users can connect the sole to a smartphone. For those who love to run, this sole acts like a personal coach, so training for the next marathon will be a breeze. It also detects fatigue, the overall summary of a run, and gives personal guidelines to improve performances.  

The Run Profiler also improves a biker’s ride by setting personalized guidelines for their seat height, frame height, and length of handlebar.  A GPS and Activity map track weather and topographic changes, so users can bike in the right weather.  It also creates a history of activities, allowing bikers to see their progress!  No need to constantly stop and adjust bike settings.  With personalized guidelines to set the seat height, handlebar length, and frame height, biking became a whole lot easier.

Love the Run Profiler and Warm Series? Then step into this!  Lamour’ Sneakers are “the world’s first Smart Warming sneaker” (Digitsole)! Clients can ‘connect their feet’ using Bluetooth, track their day, warm their feet with a pre-set feature on the app, and be fashionable. These sneakers are 100% waterproof too, so struttin’ your stuff in the rain or snow won’t be a hassle. Not to mention Lamour’ Sneakers charge in 2 hours and have a long-lasting battery.  

The Smartshoe 002 gives sneakers a whole new meaning.  In fact, it’s “the world’s first intelligent sneaker” (Digitsole). A shoe that automatically tightens, is interactive, heats feet, and is shock absorbing? Yes please! Connect to Bluetooth and receive personal coaching as well as an analysis on walking patterns. Smartshoe 002 is lightweight, battery-powered, and waterproof too!

Sneakers and shoe soles that can warm feet all with an app is a must have this winter season. “The Smartshoe isn’t a simple evolution, it’s a true Revolution” (Digitsole).  


Tessa Schaal

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