#3DPrinting: The New Clothing Couture

Some garments might be too plain, some might not be in the right color, or the garment might not be the most flattering. With today’s technology, 3D printing has managed to make those problems a thing of the past, creating custom, one-of-a-kind looks! Danit Peleg has finally made it available to the public.

Danit Peleg is a fashion designer who is known for her 3D printed clothing. Since 2015, Peleg has used her 3D printing projects to make new strides in the fashion and tech industry that have received worldwide fame. However, her vision was to keep pushing the boundaries of 3D printed fashion and resulted in the first online shop to make these types of clothing available to the public.

As of now the company only sells jackets on their website, but it is still very innovative in terms of customization. The customer can choose their desired fabric colors and wording on the back of the jacket. But what we really love is that anybody can use the Nettelo App to make sure the jacket fits. We love this feature since it eliminates the problem of guessing sizes. On top of that, the jackets are created using rubber-like material along with a silky lining to ensure that it will be comfortable to wear. Despite the fact that these jackets are very limited in supply, it is very clear that like many other 3D printed projects, Danit Peleg is advancing the fashion industry towards new experiences in clothing creation.

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