#CurrentObsession: Chocolate, crystals, and even jewelry in a box that syncs up with your cycle? Yes please, we’re digging A Genie’s Dream

Well ladies, It’s that time of the month again, cramps, bloating, and cravings galore. On top of all that, you still have to worry about the products you’ll be using- do you have enough, are they healthy for you, will you be running out? Now, with A Genie’s Dream those worries “magically” disappear, and instead you’ll feel inspired, and comforted. This monthly “tube” of gifts will be delivered right to your door and includes all things therapeutic to make this time of the month, a pleasant one. The tube is delivered every 30 days, but it’s flexible to fit your schedule. It can be paused, changed, or canceled, just like your period can. A Genie’s Dream has two enchanted cylinders to choose from, the first being The LADY Tube subscription. It features organic tampons, aromatherapy beauty, jewelry, chocolate, and a few more goodies. This tube is sure to render your inner goddess incapable of being a grump during your natural cycle. A Genie’s Dream will also be releasing a new RAW Tube soon featuring all ORGANIC products, healing properties, and essential oils. These items are more targeted to the goddess looking for simple, organic and healthy products; a great way to calm your spirits when your uterus is trying to disrupt your mood. The packaging is fun and a great complimentary addition to your other bathroom toiletries.


Curious to find out more? Come see them in person at our September 12th Experience from 7pm-9pm. Score your invite, right here



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