Our Current Obsession: The All-Weather Blazer

Now that we are well into spring, it means that the weather will be changing. Even though snowy days have stopped, it doesn’t mean that bad weather won’t happen. We all know that we can’t depict when rain will happen, so we prepare with coats and umbrellas. But there are always those days where it can be sunny in the morning, and then by afternoon it downpours, and we’re left with nothing to protect ourselves. However, Tranzend has designed a blazer that functions for almost all types of weather, and it’s called the Ultra suit.


Tranzend Ultra Suit- Classic look


The Ultra suit is a blazer that may look like a simple suit jacket, but unlike most suits, it is made to be weatherproof. What truly separates the Ultra suit from conventional blazers is that it comes with a hood that can be used to work like a raincoat whenever needed. But the true secret is in the fabric it’s made of! Most blazers are made of polyester or wool fabric that can easily get stained and do poorly in bad weather. The Ultra suit is made with durable water repellent (DWR) based fabric that repels water, prevents stains, and provides a breathable and sturdy jacket!


Tranzend Ultra Suit-Modern look


Most synthetic fabrics on the market (nylon and polyester) are made with non-renewable resources; the DWR fabric used for the Ultra suit is completely eco-friendly. Rather than being made with ordinary synthetic fibers, DWR fabric is made with recycled plastic bottles and old coffee grounds! This feature is very useful since it helps eliminate trash. Not to mention the material itself is wrinkle-proof, stretchable, and can be worn for various occasions, so it’s perfect for the office or a night out. Regardless of what it is used for, the Ultra suit’s technology is truly useful for anytime, and anywhere.



Catherine DeGroot


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