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With every great outfit, accessories are a must for anyone who is fashion-obsessed, or for anyone who wants a complete look. It can rage from a simple purse, to a full set of bracelets, a simple necklace, or dangly earrings. Over the years there have been a plethora of accessories designed for various looks. A few new brands caught our attention. Syd and Pia, Vita Fede, and Fabrikk are doing right now with their unique designs and amazing collections.

For anyone who loves jewelry that is made in the US and compliments NYC style, the Brooklyn based company, Syd and Pia, is one to watch. The concept for Syd and Pia first started out as an idea made by an artist who was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to New York City at the age of 9, where she began creating dresses for her dolls. Later in life, the designer’s friends and family began to ask for more custom-made accessories, and eventually her passion for crafting accessories lead to the birth of Syd and Pia. Named after the designer’s daughters, Syd and Pia features accessories made with raw materials that are inspired by the architecture and culture of NYC. Take a look at their short monarch pendant; made with real brass that comes with four different kinds of platings. If necklaces aren’t for you, they also have the organic infinity hoops made of brass and silver. Both accessories are a great finish of any casual look followed by a night out.

Syd and Pia NYC

Speaking of accessories, if you’re looking for jewelry with a more luxurious aesthetic, Vita Fede might be the right brand for you. Founded by designer, Cynthia K Sakai in 2009, Vita Fede jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and each piece is inspired by American, European, or Asian culture. Since its launch, Sakai’s jewelry has been featured in major retailers such as Nordstrom, and worn by many A-list celebrities, from Jennifer Lawrence to Lupita Nyong’o. Currently, they have various collections with something for everyone. For a subtle piece to add to your outfit, the Cassio Pave Ring with Swarovski crystals can do that. However, if you want something that can be used for multiple looks, there’s the Nora Long Necklace that can be worn three different ways. Vita Fede doesn’t leave out any men who want to accessorize once in awhile. Their Mini Titan Pelle Bracelet offers a sophisticated touch that can be used for a day out, a formal event, or even work.

Vita Fede

If you’re not into jewelry, there’s also plenty of handbags that can deliver the same effect. However, if you want a modern twist on your handbag, try Fabrikk. Based in the United Kingdom, Fabrikk was founded by Kate Pearson in 2013, and provides handbags that are made with LED lights lining the inside to help anyone find what they need quicker. For all of you animal lovers and vegans, you don’t have to worry, since all of the bags are made with 100% vegan leather. As a bonus, the company also makes hats that are great for any casual touch. Therefore, Fabrikk will have what you need to complete your look for the fall. After all, fall-fashion comes with a range of different looks, and with the right bag and hat, your look will be complete!



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