CGear: Be Sand Free In the Sun

For a lot of us, a day at the beach means time spent swimming, playing volleyball with friends, and basking in the sun. One setback that happens for many beachgoers is that the sand can get everywhere. It can get on our beach blankets, our bags, and on our shoes. Luckily, CGear has provided a solution with its line of sand-resistant beach equipment.


What are CGear Blankets?

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Originally, CGear started in Australia in 2003 and made landing pads for military helicopters. While helicopters were landing on their mats, dirt and debris would fall through them and prevent hazardous dust clouds from happening. Eventually, they saw how this design could be useful for the beach and began creating a set of beach mats with a similar design to the landing pads in order to remain sand free.


How does it work?

© CGear

What we really love about the CGear is that due to its unique engineering it will always remain sand free. The products are made with two different layers, sand and dirt falls through one side of the mat, and the second layer prevents it from coming back up. Also, with their line of totes, chairs, and footwear, anyone will enjoy a day at the beach without it home.

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