We Love this Credit Card Safety Net

Even though the holiday season is over, people love to shop all year round. One problem every shopaholic faces is carrying credit cards. There are plenty of wallets on the market to organize credit cards, however, some wallets are very bulky and take up a lot of room, while others can get stolen easily. To provide a solution, Toronto based company, MANI WONDERS, has crafted the Cascade Wallet.

It began as a Kickstarter project in 2014, and managed to receive more than enough funding in order to launch on the market. The cascade wallet was designed to store credit cards and keep them safe. Compared to a regular wallet, the cascade can help anyone access their credit cards with literally just the push of a button. It can store up to 7 credit cards at once and keeps them well organized so they can’t go missing. It also comes with a built-in clip to keep cash and business cards close. What’s a really great feature is that it comes with built-in RFID protection, keeping all personal and financial information safe from theft.

However, aside from technology that organizes and protects, we love the fact that the cascade wallet itself has a sleek and compact design. It it designed to be the size of a smartphone and comes in black, silver, gold, or gunmetal, which can go with any personal style. As a bonus, the company offers a detachable leather cover for more card storage.

MANI WONDER’s Cascade Wallet brought organization and theft protection to 2018.


Catherine DeGroot

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