#BrandAlert – Here’s A Sneak Peek Into Another Line We’ll Be Showcasing On September 12th

Recycled fabric? Yes, we can certainly get behind that and why we’re quite excited to be showcasing such a great brand at our September 12th Experience. Renewable material is an overlooked source, and Thread International has tapped into it to not only produce ethical fabrics but also help make the fashion industry more sustainable. We all know there’s too much trash in the world, and landfills are only getting bigger. It’s a sad truth, we know, and there really isn’t an easy answer to fix it. However, we think Thread is onto something, by diving into the darker side of the fashion industry and taking action against the overall leftover waste. Thread sells fabric by the yard on their website to anyone who wants to create a product with purpose-filled material. This e-commerce business began as an attempt to not waste the extra fabric that had been produced for their brand customers like Timberland who purchase Thread’s recycled polyester yarn in large quantities for their boots, bags and t-shirts. Thread is on a mission to end poverty with their material by creating income opportunities for people in Haiti and Honduras such as entrepreneurs ,who exchange the bottles used in the recycled polyester, for money. Founder and CEO Ian Rosenberger has utilized modern day technology amazingly in order to turn these recycled plastic into fabric. Bottles are then shipped to the United States to be converted into fabric after being ground down to flakes. Not only does Thread create income opportunities for people in destitute countries, but they also provide materials for many recognized brands leading the fashion industry today like Timberland and Kenneth Cole. The fashion industry is a large contributor to the PR world that TechStyle NYC is able to shine, so when we found out about Thread and how they not only work to make our environment greener, but also provide fashionable fabrics, we knew we needed to have them on board. So, if you feel like getting responsible AND creative, shop their fabrics, right here.

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