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Fashion alert! This designer goes above and beyond to make garments that she calls, “wearable contour.”  Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch based designer who creates high-tech fashion is emerging into the field of “FashionTech.” Her designs are combined with engineering, science, and interaction/user experience design. Wipprecht’s innovations move, breath, and react to the environment around them.  

Wipprecht “combines the latest in science and technology to make fashion an experience that transcends mere appearances” (About Anouk Wipprecht).  But get a piece of this! Her Spider Dress uses sensors and moveable arms that create a larger personal space boundary, “attacking” those around it while adding a “fiere style.”  When it comes to personal space, this dress definitely knows what’s up.      

Wipprecht collabed with designer/architect Niccolo Casas to create the Synapse Dress and the Smoke Dress. The Synapse Dress collects information from the wearer’s brain. A synapse is a small space in the nervous system of the brain that allows information to be passed along through neurotransmitters. This garment focuses on the “social, emotional and psychological immersion in order to more deeply integrate Human-Computer interaction” (Synapse Dress).   

Clothing that functions like our brain? We’re into it.

The 3D printed Smoke Dress, created with Niccolo Casas, emits a veil of smoke whenever someone enters the wearer’s personal boundary, camouflaging the wearer and the dress. A micro-controller and proximity sensor notifies the dress to exert a cloud of smoke triggered through an back-mounted 530gram smoke system. The dress printed in a laser sintering [SLS] technique, and made out of polyamide and TPU 92A-1 (thermoplastic polyurethane), the first fully-flexible 3D printing material, the dress was produced by 3D printing manufacturer Materialise to both provide support to the embedded sensors and smoke system, as well as to have the look and feel of ultra-futuristic fabric.

This dress will “smoke” up any room. Literally.


Tessa Schaal

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