AirSelfie: Taking Selfies to New Flights

AirSelfie: Taking Selfies to New Flights


Recently the growing trend of flying drones has brought in new technology for personal use. We have seen drone cameras that can capture videos in new perspectives, and oher times companies like Amazon wanted to use drones to make deliveries. Now there’s a company that wants to use this type of technology to put a twist on the selfie: Airselfie.

What is AirSelfie?


AirSelfie is pretty much what anyone would expect, a drone for selfies. And like most new inventions, it started as an idea. This idea came when the creators felt that our videos and pictures shouldn’t be limited by what our phones can do. As a result, this flying camera was made to capture pictures and videos at different angles that a smartphone’s camera couldn’t.

How does it work?


What we love about the Airselfie is how user-friendly it is and all of its unique features. For example, the drone can fly up to 20 meters in the air, which can be helpful to capture wide shots. Also, the gadget itself can connect to a phone app which controls its movement. The AirSelfie even comes with a 5mp camera to take high definition pictures and videos. It even has  self-generated wifi which is very handy for posting on social media. This device is also light, weighing only 61 grams, and comes in a sleek aluminum finish which looks great with most smartphone models.

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