Unique 3D Printed Jewelry


Tree of Life Pendant

3D printing just became a whole lot more stylish. “Serious technical chops with an inspiring vision of what the world could be” (Shapeways, 2007). Shapeways brings 3D printing to a whole new level, and is here in time for the holidays!

Vessel Pendant

Similar to Etsy, Shapeways allows users to find unique products that are the perfect holiday gift, birthday present, or gift for your significant other. All products are 3D printed by artisans in the United States. The stunning Tree of Life Pendant by artist D+O Designs, is elegant and simple; goes perfect with any outfit. Another exceptional product is the Vessel Pendant by artist, Nervous System. Printed in three different metals or various colors of plastic, with a smooth but slightly rough texture, this pendant was inspired by the formation of veins in leaves.  

Ring of Favor and Protection

Ring galore! The Ring of Favor and Protection by artist John Guerra and the Secret Rings has an extra special meaning for that special someone. This ring symbolizes the “favor and protection of the goddess Fina, known in legend to possess ‘fateful beauty’” (Shapeways). Available to be 3D printed in 12 different metals, this ring will bring great well-being to the owner wearing it. The Octopus Ring by artist Shigeto Maeda (Naturalogic Studio) is definitely a trend setter, 3D printed in various different colors of metals or plastic, the smooth finish emphasizes the beauty of this jewelry. Shapeways shapes jewelry like no other with the amazing technology of 3D printing!

Octopus Ring


Spring may be over, but check out this jewelry that is blooming this season! Designed by digital craftsman, Mark Bloomfield, whose jewelry has appeared in films such as: Titanic, Braveheart, and Judge Dredd, these 3D printed conversational pieces are “engaging, surprising, thought provoking” (Electrobloom).

What we love about this designer is that his work is 100% customizable, ensuring clients will have one-of-a-kind looks. But more importantly, Bloomfield has created a brand where possibilities never end.

Those holidays bells are ringing with these accessories! The Snap Ring is a must-have for ring lovers. This 3D printed snowflake-like accessory is the cherry on top for any outfit, and with an attachable charm this ring is a must for those who like a to add a little sparkle to their day. Those who like to keep their accessories simple, yet make a fashion statement, detach the charm for a more subtle look! Available in black, blue, pink, and red, everyone can create their own unique look.  

Snap into this 3D bracelet! The Snap Bangle is like no other. Choose from black, grey, blue, purple, orange, and red and create a one-of-a-kind bracelet. Fashionistas don’t have to wear just one bangle; these bracelets can be intertwined to create a new “two-toned look.” Charms can be added to glam-up the bangle, as well.

3D printed jewelry is personalizing the jewelry industry, allowing us to express ourselves through individual pieces. This fashion trend is definitely emerging faster than we think and we have the power to create looks that resemble our unique styles.    


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