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As the years have gone by, phones have gotten bigger and better, and so have their cameras. But what if all you want is the camera? FrontRow invented the wearable camera that has the same utilities as a smartphone camera.

Taking videos and photos just became a whole lot easier and stylish, may we add. This small gadget contains a built-in microphone and speaker, and even connects to Wi-Fi, so users can share their videos on Twitter Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live instantly. While it’s not only easy to use, FrontRow’s fast charging USB-C Port prolongs a 16-hour battery life. Simply press the Media Button once to take a photo, twice to start or pause a story, or press and hold the button to start or stop a video recording. And the Optical and Electronic Image Stabilization ensures that videos will still look their best whether on a boat, riding a bike, or creating new, exciting adventures with friends.

FrontRow also includes an integration with Spotify, translation, and stopwatch app to ensure that activities like working out, traveling, and listening to your favorite soundtracks will still be enjoyable.

Available in Black or Rose, this new innovative, stylish, wearable camera is a must have, and is sure to capture any special moment with the click of a button.



Watches are the perfect accessory for any outfit when going to work, attending a formal event, running to the store, or even working out. Yes, they tell time, but what if a watch could do more than that? Misfit innovates the traditional wrist watch enabling the user to listen to music at any time, travel to new places using the GPS feature, and keep track of their heart rate all with the Misfit device. And did we mention it’s waterproof? Looks like we’ll be adding this to our holiday lists for beach vacations!

Misfit connects to wireless headphones and allows the user listen to favorite tunes on their wristwatch. Android users, are you tired of iPhone creating accessories like the Apple Watch? Don’t fret, Misfit Vapor is powered by Android Wear 2.0, allowing users to have the same smart gadgets as iPhone users. Operated by Google, this touchscreen smartwatch has it all. From music to a built-in GPS system to activity tracking, Misfit Vapor is a must-have.

No more forgetting where you misplaced your to-do list. With Misfit Vapor, features including fitness goals, stock performances, and appointments can be tracked by wearing the Misfit. And don’t forget about the most used apps. Each client can customize his or her watch face and continue to use the apps they love including Lyft and Waze.

Goodbye generic watches, hello Misfit: the perfect fit for any wrist!



Jewelry that can lead healthy, happy, safe, and productive lives? That’s right. Wisewear, the award-winning boutique engineering and design firm that develops innovative products from “end-to-end.”

Wisewear creates smart, connected, and stunning Internet of Things products (IoT) for its consumers, including those in the military or medical field. Their bracelets come in three designs to complement different lifestyles: Medical Health & Safety professionals (Duchess bracelet), Art, Design, Fashion and Luxury professionals (Calder bracelet), and Science & Engineering professionals (Kingston bracelet). They come in Rosegold, Gold, and Palladium — and we’re big fans of the latter metal. No matter the design or color, each will help individuals lead a happier and healthier life, but with a fashionable twist.

The CALDER bracelet creates an edgy look with bold links that add symmetry, but is still daring and modern while the KINGSTON bracelet is lustrous and minimalist, making it a classic. Or choose the DUCHESS bracelet that has the perfect touch of modern and traditional designs, and is sure to make a fashion statement with a pop of color.


What are the benefits of Wisewear consumers may be thinking? The Haptic Motor allows for communication between the user and device by creating vibrations, while the sensor electronics are energy efficient microcontrollers that track activity. Each bracelet is metallic, and the property integrated antenna allows for Bluetooth signals at the best ranges. In an SOS moment, the built-in panic button is to the rescue in three taps. And thanks to the custom designed battery, each bracelet is proven to last long hours.


Whether users are looking for the perfect accessory to match any outfit or an accessory that helps track fitness and health, Wisewear does both. These unique and stylish smart-bracelets will have them running for more.

Don’t forget to follow Wisewear on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or shop their collections right here.

This brand “fuses fashion with threads of technology” into everyday items, and are truly the epitome of fashion fusionists.


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