Lynette Lovelace
founder of Lifetherapy
We love the innovation & interactions that TechStyle NYC events produce, which allow us the opportunity to showcase our brand.
Candi Obrentz
Creator of RestoPresto
TechStyle NYC was a game-changer for us. We received press, generated buzz, and made connections that continue to evolve into solid relationships.
Vicky Popat
CFO of PlantOGram
TechStyle NYC has created an amazing platform where Entrepreneurs get to meet, talk and connect with press and get that exposure for their business. My first year of being apart of TechStyle NYC has opened so many doors for our company!

Fashionable Wearable Technology

TechStyle is the home of inspiring technology and fashion innovations, combining our love of smart watches and fitness trackers, robots and drones, smart houses, self-driving cars, IOT (internet of things), all sprinkled with some light-hearted humor and emojis.

Holistic Thinking

We explore mindfulness, integrity, and simplicity through wearable technology, fast fashion, virtual reality, and the most forward design thinking in current new product development.

Completeness and Fulfilling Experiences

TechStyle loves to share fulfilling experiences through innovative fashion forums at New York Fashion week, where the concept of a great user experience and clean UX/UI move outside the screen and surround our lives.

Simplicity and Connection through Technology

We strive to simplify complexity and find deep connection through minimalism, inclusiveness, and environmental awareness in modern product design.

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